We started with a simple question: What is business?

We used this question to shape a consulting company that could consistently deliver exceptional value beyond our peers.

The answer: Business is a collection of processes that make money.

Or stated another way: Process is the Core of business. Our proprietary consulting methodology is rooted in this fundamental principle. Our Capability Analysis Methodology (CAM) guides our philosophy for consulting. All requirements are anchored in process - and so we use our tools to build an understanding of business process before we start recommending solutions. After deploying our first Salesforce.com implementation in 2007, we've never looked back - building our team into a strong Force.com development shop. We are now one of the premiere implementation partners in the Midwest.

The Brand

Our consulting engagements have allowed us to build a deep expertise in Salesforce, and our clients have partnered with us to create some amazing solutions to their business problems. We started to leverage our expertise in the platform to build products on the Salesforce AppExchange. In 2013, we launched our first product on the AppExchange.

To distinguish our products in the marketplace - we created a new brand: IOLITE. The name and heritage of the brand captured our imagination as the perfect way to describe the vision for our products. IOLITE is a rare gemstone that can polarize light. Ancient Viking mariners used IOLITE gemstones to navigate the oceans on cloudy or foggy days - using the crystals to find the sun and navigate safely to their destination. We use the IOLITE brand in the same way to help our customers navigate the fog of business with smart, simple and clear business solutions.


Once we started exploring the world of product development - we realized that by combining our process-driven consulting practice with our deep Salesforce.com expertise - we created an innovation incubator specifically tailored to rapidly create, deploy, market, and operate products specifically for Salesforce customers.

We let our consultants create products with their own personal Research & Development time that we call Freaky Friday innovation. This keeps our team pushing the envelope to bring you the best thinking and maintain our edge as the sharpest Salesforce developer talent available.

In addition to creating products based on the creative talents of our own team, we also partner with clients to develop apps that they define. In selected cases we'll leverage our entrepreneurial heritage to co-invest and co-share in revenue. We build business models to defray development costs, share support responsibilities and truly partner to create the Salesforce innovation cloud.